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  • Panna Cotta Completed 1

    Paleo Friendly Panna Cotta – 52 Weeks of Food

    0 standard
  • Combined Salad

    52 Weeks of Food and Redhead Root Vege Salad

    2 standard
  • IMG_0309

    Bananas, House renovations and playing with food

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  • PicMonkey Collage

    Leaving the world a little better than when you found it

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  • IMG_0281

    Deconstructed and re-constructed Banoffee Pie

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  • Day 4

    Checking on Public Perception

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  • Day 3 - 100day project

    Rows and Lines make Fun Times

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  • Day 1 Coffee Shop Clean up

    Coffee Shop Clean Up

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  • 20140711_145942

    The 100 day challenge

    2 standard
  • 20131026_161555

    Thai Iced Tea – Paleo Style

    3 standard