Checking on Public Perception

The last three days of my challenge have been categorised by taking the opportunity to re-arrange shelves in public places and watch the results.

Day 3 and 5, I was not there to see the direct impact of my tidying up.

Day 5 - supermarket bonanza

Day 5 – supermarket bonanza

But I was not disapointed on Day 4. I was sitting in a library in Christchurch reading my book when I noticed that the shelves looked rather boring. Being a librarian myself (an albeit unconventional one), I decided to play with the books.

I was in the process of re-arranging them, when an elderly gentleman found my wallet sitting on the armchair close to where I was working. He gave it to me, exclaiming that I “should not leave my things hanging around, as they would go in an instance.” Then he asked me if I worked there, I said no, he looked puzzled but left me to it.

I completed my re-arrangement, went back to my seat and tried to look inconspicuous.

Day 4

The “true” librarian approached, took one look at the shelf, and quickly re-arranged it back to normal.


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